The Baby CD is a comprehensive pregnancy education and baby care resource for newly expecting moms!

The Baby CD is an engaging tool with everything a mom wants to know about her pregnancy from day one through the first year. It is presented in a high-tech, easy-to-use format, and is provided and supported by doctors across the United States.


Expecting moms will retain information better through the interactive and fun medium. It is available as a CD from participating doctors, or you can download The Baby CD.

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The Baby CD replaces books, pamphlets and other mediums as the pregnancy resource for expecting moms. It reduces costs, increases workflow, and improves patient learning in an entertaining presentation.

Doctors can also customize The Baby CD with their logo, staff bios, locations, forms, and more. Get your Baby CD's today!

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About The Baby CD

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Date of Latest CD Updates:05/05/2011

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Download Your Ultrasound!

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BeBeVu is a revolutionary technology that allows expecting moms to download and share their ultrasounds right after their prescribed appointment!

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The Baby CD was recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 N. America Tech Startup